Certificate of Analysis Supherb License(s)
Distributor: VETS LEAF, INC. C11-0000200-LIC
Supherb Birthday Cake
5.0 (7)

We found another way you can eat birthday cake without worrying about the calories. Our premium THC Birthday Cake concentrate taste as good as any homemade cake you can dream about. It’s a mix between Girl Scout cookies and cherry pie. The x3 distilled concentrate with our proprietary blend of terpenes promises consistent flavor that produces a smoother, richer throat hit with no annoying cough. The adjustable air flow system makes it the most convenient and smarter way to enjoy cannabis.  Just like any dessert, birthday cake is the perfect way to end your day. It is known for getting you deeply relaxed and soothes the body. This can be desired by many treating pain, anxiety, appetite loss, inflammation and headaches.