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Medical Manufacturing: 788 Technologies Corporation PAAA-4JM4-BRZF
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A new one of a kind sublingual! This is a very fast acting suspension with a fast absorption rate. No more holding large amounts of liquid under your tongue! with our one of a kind, water dispersible formula you get 5mg in one spray giving patients the ability to micro dose in a very exact method. The suspension has been created to absorb very rapidly under the tongue. It is 5mg of THC/per microliter which is 0.001ml. The sublingual is 500mg/10ml vial. It also comes in two versions, a "Rest" for pain relief and a good night sleep, and "Focus" for maximum benefits but still remain focused during the day. Rich in terpenes, this sublingual is perfect for having an alternative to inhalation products and edibles. Because of its fast absorption rate it will be absorbed under the tongue without having to swallow it which then becomes an edible.