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VAPEMEDS® cartridges contain a blend of premium-grade distilled cannabis oil, live resin concentrate and terpenes derived from all-natural botanicals.We perform extensive testing at every stage of processing and formulation. We don't use cutting agents, emulsifiers or any synthetic agents including vitamin E acetate. We test the final formulas for cannabinoids, pesticides, terpenes, microbiological, and residual solvents.When vaping THC-rich cannabis oil, start with a single inhalation and wait 15 minutes before inhaling again. The effects of inhaled cannabis oil usually can be felt within a few minutes, thereby providing quick relief of acute distress. If need be, one can inhale an additional puff every 15 to 30 minutes “until desired symptom control is achieved.”

WM Exchange is a wholesale cannabis marketplace that revolutionizes the way licensed buyers and sellers conduct business.

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