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Distributor: Mid City Cannabis Club, Inc. CDPH-10002437
Sour Diesel Cartridge
4.8 (6)

VapeMeds® proudly presents its Sour Diesel Cartridge, a Sativa with its pungent diesel aroma and earthen-sweet liquid bliss that acts like an adrenaline shot straight to the brain's centers of creativity. This delicious stuff turns writer's block into a writer's marathon: attack the blank pages in your life without fear. VapeMeds® Sour Diesel is a rare breed; not only is it a pleasure for the palate, but it offers an unparalleled euphoric high that doesn't destabilize or confuse. Rather, it infuses the user with unequaled drive and focus while disappearing pain and anxiety. For those looking to juice their flagging creativity, this is the answer.